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  • You're a leader You may not be an olympian, but to your clients, you might as well be. You’ve gotten your certifications, and have had extensive training, but more than anything, you live to share the mountains with other tree-hugging dirt worshippers.

  • You know gear Your friends and family rely on you for recommendations. You get excited to vent through your pit zips and cringe when you see people wearing down jackets in the rain. You research your purchases and take your gear choices seriously since your comfort and safety (and style) depend on it.

  • You deserve deals You are the front line of the outdoor industry. Brands want you to put their gear through the wringer. We offer you the privilege of getting discounts on your favorite brands. This is our way of saying thanks. We’re here for all of your gear needs, because you should be spending time outside, not online.

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Do you qualify? Our deals are specially formulated for those who are professionally employed in the outdoor industry. That means we only let true professionals onto our platform. See if you qualify:

  • • Backcountry Ski & Snowboard Guides
  • • Climbing & Mountaineering Guides
  • • Adventure Guides
  • • River, Sea Kayak & Paddling Guides
  • • Hunting & Fishing Guides
Rescue Workers
  • • Avalanche & Snow Safety Pros
  • • Search & Rescue Professionals
  • • Park Rangers
  • • Ski Patrollers
  • • Law Enforcement & Military
  • • Outdoor & Wilderness Educators
  • • PSIA/AASI Instructors
  • • Ski & Snowboard Coaches
  • • Cycling Coaches
  • • Yoga & Pilates Instructors

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Are you the one your friends go to for advice on what to buy next? Do your clients always envy your goggles? You’re a gear trendsetter. Our platform was built for people just like you.

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